What is your lead time?

5-10 working days to make ready for delivery or pickup.

What are they made of?

They are made of metal framing pieces all screwed together in the shape of the unit. Then covered with cement board on all areas that get cosmetic surface material.  Fire boxes for the fireplaces are metal inserts made by a major manufacturer. They are the newest model unit with nice beige walls and a real molded Masonry profile. Fire pits have stainless steel burners and pans.

Is there a price list for your cabinets?

No we do it job by job.

How heavy are they?

Two guys can handle them easily. We make them and modules that fit together that look just like their one complete piece on the job site. None of our modules require any tools. And they just placed together like Furniture using special construction adhesive. All are modules will fit in Gates and up and down stairs Etc of the typical backyard.

How can I get some information on your products?

You can call us at 469-298-9003 or text with questions.

What else needs to be done when we set up these modules ready for finish work?

All you will need to do is put on your stone or caulk and paint it or tile. Etc. Whatever cosmetic surface materials you come up with  all will adhere perfectly to the cement board Surface.

Are they built in Rockwall?

Yes picked up price free, delivered $250.00.

What about countertops?

Our BBQ Island cabinets and our fireplace horizontal surfaces are left open framed for granite  quartzite and other slabs of material. but we also will make them with the cement board upon request so that you can put on your own Stone or tile Etc.

Do you make custom sizes and shapes and textures?

Almost Everything we make is custom made to order, are you need product for each customer. We do not charge extra for this because that is all we do. As a result we are much better at it then our competitors and have special Jigs and templates set up in our Workshops to make the price as low as possible.

Do your cabinets come with protectors on the bottom of the metal to keep the metal from getting damaged from standing water?

Yes all items we make have that Included.

Can you make items that are portable and roll around on the patio?

Yes we do do that to anything with real heavy duty casters and wheels, looks real nice too.

Can we pick it up with a pickup truck to save money I'm shipping cost?

Most orders will fit in a pickup truck without a trailer. Small units will even fit in an SUV. larger orders will fit on a trailer easily. We will let you know on each order before we start what the situation for you is.

Do we need a building permit for your products?

No you do not because they are considered mobile since they just placed on the ground like furniture. We do recommend there glued to the ground with the adhesive  because of high gusts of wind but that doesn't make them permanent because they can still be removed with a pry bar.

Can we take your products with us when we move such as to a new home?

Yes since our products are mobile and nature you can do that myprime them up off the floor loading them off and haul them to the next site.

Are they rated for wood decks or floors in homes?

Yes they are and even The stone that we use is a thin veneer version of the regular stone that weighs much much less.

Can I put my own cosmetic surface materials on your cabinets and other products such as Stone?

Yes it is really quite easy we give you instructions to do that upon request and have years of experience to talk to you verbally about how to do your job. With our advice our customers are found no problem at all doing that. But of course you can hire a contractor and it'll be minimal cost because everything is done except that.

Is any maintenance required and what is the warranty?

No maintenance whatsoever all  materials are made to be outside forever. The manufacturer's warranty on the stone the steel and the cement board is Lifetime

How far away do products with fire involved such as a fireplace fire pit or a BBQ Grill have to be  from combustible materials such as wood?
6 inches on gas burning Products or cabinets sides. And 5 feet above them.   For wood burning products it is 10 ft horizontally to any combustible material. For fireplace chimneys that burn wood The top of the chimney must exit 3 feet above a roof or other combustible materials such as a wood fence.

Are your fireplace products certified to go through wood roofs such as pergolas and patio covers, as well as an interior areas of the home?

Yes they are AGA and CSA approved and certified for that.

Can we use our phone to control the fire on these units?

Yes we can make them bluetooth enabled. We can also make a wall switch, or use wireless remote control devices.

Can I light my wood logs in the fireplace or fire pit what's a gas Log Lighter?

Yes we have a burner kit and parts to connect to a natural gas supply Source or a 20 lb BBQ propane tank.

Do you have any standard size units that cost less than the custom-made ones?

Yes we do, just ask us about that.

Are your products returnable?

Our standard units are returnable but are custom units are not.  We make returning easy with our Express return system.